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Dinner Is Served

he sits and waits patiently
a mouse makes a dash for home
dinner is served 


Watching the kestrel hover over our back garden made me think about who he was watching. Fits the theme of ‘home’ from ‘Sensational Wednesday Haiku’


13 thoughts on “Dinner Is Served

  1. It’s not possible to have a stronger reference to nature in a haiku than you have here.

    I once had a conversation with a researcher from a college who was one of the three people in the state of Missouri who could legally trap raptors for his research on endangered species. They are fascinating creatures.


  2. Thanks for your comments Mike.
    As you say, fascinating creatures. We’ve, unexpectedly, had one hovering overhead recently – it’s doing a great job of frightening away the pigeons!


  3. I found you from your visit to my blog, for which many thanks. I’ve read through your recent posts and enjoyed them all, specially the space invaders! This haiku is beautiful, but slightly inaccurate: a kestrel hunts by hovering, as you rightly observe, therefore ‘sits’ doesn’t work for me. That last line cracked me up!


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