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Life Is A Cup Of Coffee

cafe tables full
travellers rest their weary souls
cappuccinos chatter 

 coffee cools, cups slowly emptied
life’s hectic race begins again 


During a visit this afternoon to a very busy coffee shop this came to mind and I decided to have a go at a ‘Tanka’ – it could loosely be defined as a Haiku with two added lines. Jane Reichhold in her book ‘Writing & Enjoying Haiku’ suggests that you should try to see if the haiku and the last two lines can both stand on their own as poems – I’ve tried but I’m not sure.

Shared with The Purple Treehouse and  Haiku My Heart


41 thoughts on “Life Is A Cup Of Coffee

    1. Thanks for your comments Amy.
      A month ago I had never written any poetry but the great blogs I have found have inspired me. I keep discovering new forms and they age great fun trying. I particularly like the etheree and will try it again soon.
      The Jane Reichhold book about haiku that I mentioned in this post is a great read with some tremendous advice about how to write haiku.


  1. I was trying Heaven’s tanka test of reading lines three, four and five together when I noticed something. Your lines can be scrambled in any order and still make sense. This has to be the ultimate tanka.


  2. You are talking about one of my favorite subjects … a great cup of coffee, savored in the midst of bustling … and for those moments – time stands still for ultimate enjoyment. Nicely done!!


  3. Mike, Since I am not a formally trained poet and have no experience with Waka, Tanka, Haiku or any of these other forms of writing, I can’t evalute your accuracy but I can have an opinion on the content – it’s marvelous and make me want a cup of coffee, lol. Truly, well done! Peace 🙂


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