Two Stories For Friday Flash 55

I’ve just come across Friday Flash 55 – it looks like fun so I thought I would have a go. Couldn’t decide on which story (both exactly 55 words long) so I’ve posted them both!

Our Dads

“My dad’s much bigger than yours.”

“Yeah but my dad’s a better fighter.”

“But mine’s got a bigger car.”

“So, mine’s got his own plane.”

“I’m going to ask our mum.”

“So am I.”

For goodness sake, will you two stop this constant arguing. I’ve told you before I’ve no idea who your dads were.”

Happy Birthday

She stood by the kitchen window. The postman waved as he went by, but didn’t stop. She’d spent the morning by the phone, sure that one of them would call, they hadn’t. On the kitchen table was a small shop bought cake and an old card from years ago. She wished herself a happy birthday.



8 thoughts on “Two Stories For Friday Flash 55

  1. Only with age do we appreciate the value of a phone call. In the spirit of total disclosure, there were times in my youth when I was on the other end of that unmade call. It’s sad to feel remorse twenty to forty years too late.

  2. Thanks Mike for dropping by.
    I was also a youngster who didn’t always phone home, especially when it mattered. Age may make us wiser but also more remorseful.

    1. Thank ou for your kind words.
      Both my boys are grown up now but I always phone them a few days before my birthday just to remind them! (My wife thinks I’m mad and she could be right.) I’m sure they wouldn’t forget but I like to err on the side of caution!

  3. Oh, that first one I remember those days so well! LOL Very fun read.
    The second one is sad… both a lovely read. Thanks for visiting me, too. Until today, I’ve seemed to always think you and the ‘other Mike’ were one and the same. Now I can see you’re not….. LOL I’ll visit you more often, too.

    1. Thank you for dropping by. I’m glad you enjoyed these two short tales.
      I’ve recently discovered the ‘other Mike’ and am enjoying his blog.
      Likewise I’m glad I found yours.

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