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My City – A Poem For dVerse Poets Pub

My City

A thousand
marching in
sombre unison
steel toed
boots on
uneven cobbles
shattering the
eerie silence,
crowds of
frightened faces
line pavements
looking on as
uninvited guests
enter their city –
the spoils of war.



In response to the challenge from Claudia at dVerse Poets Pub to write a poem on the theme ‘Cities’

24 thoughts on “My City – A Poem For dVerse Poets Pub

    1. Thanks for your comments Claudia.
      I actually had no particular city in mind – unfortunately it’s the sort of scene that has a habit of repeating itself over the ages, including today, in many of our cities across the world.


    1. Thank you for your comments Mary.
      As I said in my reply to Claudia I wasn’t actually thinking of a particular city. Our history is full of such armies entering cities as either invaders or liberators depending on whose eyes you watch through – even today.


  1. The rhythm of this, and the word choice, gives it a spooky atmosphere. I don’t want to be there. My whole self is resistant to it.

    I wanted to comment about another story of yours I read in my feed reader, but it seems to be gone: the one with the two dads. It made me laugh. 🙂


    1. Thanks for your comments Jen.
      Like you this is definitely somewhere I wouldn’t want to be.

      I will put the two dads story back up – not sure why I took it off!


    1. Hi Mike, thanks for your supportive comments.
      Until a couple of months ago I was only writing short stories & then I got hooked on experimenting with poetry. I’m still playing around with different forms and learning so much. I worry that I’m neglecting my short story writing.


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