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Days Of Madness

I was so intrigued by this poetry form  posted on dVerse Poets Open Link Night by Heaven  (a great blog  – you really must visit) that I felt I need to have a go. It was done in a form called nonet – 9 lines with 9 syllables in the first line, 8 in the second and so on. The first part is a reverse nonet form

ran with
the crowd last
night face hidden
charging the thin blue
line of battle weary
men still unsure who started
this war and why – burning buildings
reflected in their glowing visors.

I  ran pillaging, burning, looting
invisible in my ‘hoodie’
mind lost in a violent orgy
not caring who got hurt
swept along on a
wave of madness –
my frenzied



19 thoughts on “Days Of Madness

  1. Love the nonet! And it’s not as easy as you’ve made it look here! I also despise the mob mentality, the false courage that comes when you think you are faceless in a sea of many. So easy to get caught up and swept away, in both the positive and negative. Wonderful share!


  2. I love the look of the poem, meaning how each line gradually widens then slims again. I have no doubt it is not as simple as it looks to create the shape so beautifully and still have such a fantastic poem that is powerful even when not revealing its shape. Fantastic job Mike.


    1. Glad you liked it and thanks for your comments.
      I’m enjoying experimenting with poetry much more than I thought I would.
      Need to see if I can apply it to one of your picture prompts.


  3. Great use of the form – I like the way you shaped it, too– like going through the mirror in a way. The first part being the observer and the second being the actor. These actions come in waves; not sure the actors have rationales, but I’ve found when the trust of a republic is betrayed, and/or becomes corrupt, the extremes take advantage of it. My question is, are the rioters’ acts more heinous than those of Rupert Murdoch or Berny Madoff?


    1. Thanks for your comments.
      A difficult question, or is it? The rioters were acting in a way that I’m sure some regretted in the light of day. The problem is that it was all done in the full glare of the media and was frightening and mindless so our first reaction is to punish them quickly and harshly. These wrong-doers are easy to catch and even easier to punish.
      The likes of Rupert Murdoch have that face of respectability and the money to do what they like with a certain amount of impunity.


  4. Terrific nonet forms. I love how you completed the story from the first part to an action packed madness on the second part. And the shape looks like a flame too ~

    Thanks for the lovely mention… I appreciate it.


  5. Tis only with the morning light, some few will look back and try to understand their insanity. The others will thirst for upcoming eve. In their minds, it’s all someone else’s fault. That it is evil will not occur to them until they see their own house in flames. Then, it’s someone else’s fault.


  6. Thanks for your comments Mike.
    As a country we are in the throes of cleaning up, trying to work out why and punishing.
    I’m sure it will not be long before the politicians will be looking for someone to blame. The experience I have from being a teacher is that they will put some of that blame on education.


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