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Lost At Sea – A story for ‘Sunday Picture Press’

Some intriguing writing prompts from this week’s ‘Sunday Picture Post’ on Indigo Spider’s great blog. For some reason I was drawn to this one.

Lost At Sea

“Why have you dragged me from my bed Lieutenant, it had better be urgent?”

“Sorry Captain but we have a problem, we’ve stopped moving Sir.”

“What do you mean ‘stopped moving’?  Explain yourself man.”

“Yes Sir. That storm last night seems to have played havoc with our instruments Sir. We appear to have been blown miles off course and are stuck in seas that I don’t recognize. There is absolutely no wind and the sea is a smooth as a duck pond.”

“Have you tried the auxiliary motors?”

“Yes Captain, but they are making no difference at all. We are not moving.”

“Are you trying to tell me Lieutenant that you’ve run my ship aground?”

“No Sir, I’m afraid it’s not that simple. We’re being held.”

“Being held! What on earth are you gibbering on about man” What do you mean ‘being held’?”

“If you would like to look outside Captain it might make things a bit clearer, Sir. We’ve been grabbed by two giants.”

“How on earth did this happen Lieutenant?”

“I’m not sure Sir. We were becalmed in these strange waters when I heard a cry from the crew as they all dashed below decks. When I looked out I saw these two giant creatures wading through the sea. Then they both grabbed hold of our sails and stopped us from moving.”

“Have you tried speaking to them?”

“Yes Sir, but they can’t hear me, they’re too far away.”

“Well Lieutenant. It looks as if our fate is in their hands. We will just have to sit and wait and pray that they let us go.”


“What’s it doing here Mary?

“Don’t know. Looks like it’s just been left, abandoned. I can’t see anybody on the shore looking for it.”

“I don’t really like boats Mary. They’re boring, the sort of things that silly boys play with. Let’s just push it away and go and get an ice cream.”

“No fear, I’m taking this home to my dad. He said he used to play with sailing boats down on this boating lake when he was little. He can fix it and make it look as good as new. Help me lift it out of the water.”



14 thoughts on “Lost At Sea – A story for ‘Sunday Picture Press’

  1. Hehehe… great work with the dialogue only storytelling. I always enjoy these. Also kudos for adding two points of view – that of those on the boat as well as the girls. It added a large dimension to the story that lingers after the last word is read.


    1. Thanks for your comments.
      As you know I enjoy writing these dialogue only pieces and this picture seemed to lend itself so well to this idea – or it did in my head at least!


  2. I had a big smile plastered on my face reading this, what a fun read! As Scribbla said, I love the dual points of view from the crew and the girls. The story is crafted beautifully and the dialogue only is perfect. Thanks Trevor.


      1. Oh, boy, my apologies, that’s what happens when I read too many blogs in a row! I just responded to another blog owned by a gentleman by the name of Trevor. I am red faced now, sorry Mike.


    1. They say size isn’t everything – I’m not sure that’s the view the people on this ship would take!
      I’m honoured that you are even thinking about putting me on your blogroll.


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