Waiting For The End

A poem in response to ‘Inspiration Monday’s’ prompt, ‘Waiting for the end.’ Also posted on dVerse Open Link Night #3

Waiting For The End

I can hear muffled voices as people
gather quietly around my bed
goodbyes mingled with silent tears.

A doctor tells them I’m near the end
only a matter of minutes now, just
time to say their final farewells.

Out here, where I am patiently waiting,
in that dark void between life and death,
there appears to be a problem.

Apparently there’s a queue that’s going
to take a while to shift, so we’ll all have
to wait a little longer for the end.



17 thoughts on “Waiting For The End

  1. i sometimes wonder how it is when the end comes..how much we hear…how much we regret and how sad the people around us will be…so maybe still some precious time in this queue left…

    1. Thank you for your comments.
      I’m glad you enjoyed it.
      I started the poem with serious thoughts which got a bit flippant towards the end.

  2. hehe…oh i hope i dont have to take a number when it is my time to go…but if it is not my time i will gladly stay a bit longer…just dont leave me in limbo…

    1. Thanks for dropping by Jannie – glad you enjoyed this poem.
      Bus or flight number sounds like a good idea – at least you would know how far down the queue you were.

    1. Thanks for your comments.
      I’m enjoying this experimenting with writing poetry at the moment – need to find some time to write some short stories.

  3. Never quite looked at it like that, Mike. Isn’t it funny how we start off with an idea (serious, e.g.) and end up with a surprise? I love that about writing.

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