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Death – A Story For Sunday Picture Press

A story inspired by one of the picture prompts from ‘Indigo Spider’.


Brian knew that he was living on borrowed time. The doctor had given him three months, at the most, it was now three months and three days. He knew with certainty that death was now only a matter of hours away. It no longer scared him, in fact it would be a relief from this constant nagging pain and ever-growing tiredness.

He had decided to take a walk in the park knowing it might very well be his last. The grey skies and heavy rain hadn’t put him off but rather had spurred him on, he couldn’t remember the last time he had been out walking in the rain. The thought of raindrops dribbling down his neck, soggy trousers and leaking shoes made him smile. He had decided on his bright yellow mac and umbrella in an effort to try to brighten up the day.

The park was empty. The muddy puddles covering the paths and the sodden grass had managed to persuade most people to stay at home. Brian was drawn to a large oak tree standing alone on the far edge of the muddy football pitches. He stood listening to the water bouncing off the leaves. It was as  if the tree was going to stretch out its branches, have a good wriggle and shake all the rain off. 

As Brian stood there mesmerised by the sodden tree it seemed as if the rain was changing from it’s dull grey to bright colours. Suddenly the tree glistened with a hundred different hues. A steady stream of brightly coloured water fell from his umbrella and the sodden grass around his feet glistened. The more he looked the more amazed he was at the sight in front of him. Slowly a smile brightened up his face as he realized what was happening, his journey had begun and what a tremendous trip it promised to be.

When the rain cleared and people returned to the park, the body of a man in a yellow mac, with a lovely smile on his face, was found at the bottom of the old oak tree. 



11 thoughts on “Death – A Story For Sunday Picture Press

  1. This is beautiful…..a different way to look at death.

    If you like fiction, there are challenges around where you can join and share stories with other writers of fiction.

    Nice to meet you ~


  2. You are amazing Mike, I never thought a story about death could actually be a happy story! I love the image created with the line: “…stretch out its branches, have a good wriggle and shake all the rain off.” This made me smile, thanks.


    1. Thank you for your very kind words – you’re making me blush.
      I kept getting drawn back to this picture long before I finally decided what to write.
      I’m so glad you enjoyed it.


  3. This is very beautiful and full of imagery! Writing an effective description with good imagery of what was happening is one of my weakness when it comes to writing. I hope I could write as good as you!


    1. Thanks for dropping by and your kind comments. So glad you enjoyed this short tale.
      I found this picture was a great prompt and once I started writing almost helped me with the words and imagery.


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