Two Bridges IV

Have we started something we may never finish? Scribbla responded to Indigo Spider’s picture prompt with a great story called ‘Two Bridges’ I carried it on. Then he cam back with ‘Two Bridges III’ so here’s ‘Two Bridges IV’.

Two Bridges IV

I try to open my eyes but the pain in my head is excruciating. I’m dimly aware that someone is carrying me and there are shouts all around us. I try to lift my head but I can’t. Then I find myself being lifted and thrown through some sort of hole I hit the floor and everything goes black again.

When I come to I’m struck by the heat and the awful smell of rotting food. I try to move only to find that my arms and legs have been tightly tied. My mouth has been taped to stop me crying out. As I open my eyes more widely I can just make out the outline of two figures hunched in the far corner. Where the hell am I?

I remember standing by the water. The resistance we’d met had been stronger and more ferocious than anything we’d expected. But they had been crudely armed and disorganized. The resulting fight had been short, one-sided and very bloody and brutal. It had been the first time I had witnessed such violence and it had horrified me. As I stood there looking out across the river the images of what I had seen made me weep.

My thoughts had been rudely interrupted by that terrible, blood curdling scream. I remember turning round to see him almost on top of me aiming his knife straight at my neck. I recognized him immediately, those dark piercing eyes, then nothing, everything went black.

Looking around me I can just make out that we are in some sort of box. Then I understand. They’d hidden a box under all that rubbish. These two had been hiding here, waiting. The realization of what they had planned to do made me shiver. They had been left behind for a purpose, they had been waiting to kill me. But if that was the case why was I still alive?

“Why the hell did you bring her with you? Why didn’t you kill her when you had the chance?”

“I can’t explain Tyrone. It’s just when she turned round I recognized her and I just couldn’t do it.”

“Of course you recognized her. She’s their leader. She’s the person responsible for all this. That’s why she had to die. That’s why we were left behind or had you forgotten?”

“I know all that Tyrone. But I recognized her from years ago. Look I can’t explain it, I just knew that I wasn’t meant to kill her.”

“Great! So what do we do now? You can be damn sure they’re going to turn this place upside down looking for her and when they do what do you think they’re going to do to us? I say we kill her now and then try to escape. If you’re too squeamish give me the knife and I’ll do it.”

“She stays alive Tyrone and that’s that. Hang on, be quiet, did you hear that?”

The whispering had been cut short by increased noise from straight above us. I recognized the sound of the heavy machinery. Someone was clearing the area straight above us of the mountain of trash. Any minute now they were going to find this box.

“Sir! I’ve found something. Looks like some kind of box buried in the ground Sir.”

“Stand back lad, let me have a look. Very clever. This lot are not as stupid as we first thought.”

“Shall I open it Sir? There’s some sort of trapdoor here.”

“If you do that lad you’re likely to end up with your throat cut, just like what happened to poor Peterson. Best if we play it safe. We don’t know how many of them there are down there and if they’ve got the boss we don’t want her hurt. Have you got the canisters?”

“Yes Sir. Three just like you ordered.”

“Good lad. Right, on the count of three I’m going to open this door just enough for you to drop them in, are you ready?”

“Yes Sir.”

“Right everybody, masks on, stand back the rest of you. Right lad …… one, two, three ….”



12 thoughts on “Two Bridges IV

  1. Very interesting story. Leaves so much open to the imagination and the reader wanting more.

    (slight tense shift in the first few sentences, be careful of that)

    1. Thanks for your comments Danni.
      I do have a terrible tendency of just writing and posting and not always carefully checking my work. I’ve gone back in and sorted the tense shift. Thanks for the prompt.

    1. Thanks for your comments. Glad you enjoyed it.
      I’ve just been and had a look at Evelyn’s response – what a great story.
      What next I wonder?

  2. I almost missed the continuations! Luckily, setting up the new prompts, I discovered there was more and didn’t miss this fantastic continuation. You really took off with this story, you, Scribbla and Evelyn, so much fun, fantastic!

  3. The great thing about this is the POV shift, that you’ve all taken a different POV. So the change of writing style actually works in the story’s favor. Could you all keep this up for 100,000 words? How fantastic would that be?

I look forward to reading your comments

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