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I Keep Getting This Dream – a short story for Inspiration Monday

I’m just going to squeeze this story in as part of this week’s Inspiration Monday’ challenge. The prompt is ‘I dreamed this.’

I Keep Getting This Dream

“You’re not your usual self today mate, very quiet, what’s the matter?”

“Matter? What do you mean Billy? What have you heard? Whatever it is it’s not true. There’s nothing wrong with me, honest.”

“If that’s the case why are you so twitchy? Come on, we’ve been friends for years, I know when there’s something wrong. I know you want to tell me.”

“It’s not that easy Billy. If I tell you you’ll only laugh and then go and tell the others. People will think I’m crazy. They’ll have me put away somewhere.”

“Don’t be daft, course I wont laugh and I promise I wont tell anyone.”

“Well, if you promise. It’s this dream I keep having. It’s driving me nuts. I’m hardly sleeping.”

“What dream is this then?”

“It’s weird Billy, honest. It’s always the same and has been going on every night now for the last two weeks. I’m not kidding, it’s doing my head in.”

“So what’s this dream about then?”

“Well Billy, it’s difficult because it’s not just me in this dream but you as well.”


“Yeah you Billy and what’s more you’re a bit scary.”

“Well, what happens?”

“These green aliens come down to earth in their spaceship and take me away Billy. It’s not nice.”

“Little green men! You’re trouble is you’ve been watching too many of those sci-fi videos.”

“That’s what I thought at first Billy but why does it keep happening every night, the very same dream. It never changes. You and me are walking back from the pub, just like we are now, when suddenly there’s a bright light in the sky. I want to run away as fast as possible but you’re not at all worried, you just stand there looking at this light getting brighter and brighter. Then there’s a loud whirring noise and lots of smoke and when the smoke clears there in the middle of the field is a great big spaceship. I’m all ready to turn and run but you grab my arm and tell me to calm down.”

“But what’s so scary about that?”

“I haven’t got to the really scary bit yet Billy, that comes next. This bit’s really weird Billy so don’t go and get angry with me.”

“For goodness sake just get on.”

“Sorry Billy. Well next there’s a loud creaking noise and this great big door in the spaceship opens up and I’m blinded by the bright light that’s coming from inside but you just stand there looking straight at it and smiling. Then you take this funny looking gadget out of your pocket and start talking into it. I can’t understand a word you’re saying. Then these two green aliens come out of the spaceship and walk up to you and give you a big paper bag full of money. Then you look at me and say sorry and the two aliens drag me away. It seems you’ve have just sold them my body for them to experiment with. Then I wake up struggling, sweating and swearing at you.”

“Well I’m glad you told me mate. I’m sure it’s just your vivid imagination playing tricks on you.”

“Billy, what’s that bright light over in that field? And Billy what’s that gadget you’ve got in your hand? Who are you talking to Billy? Billy, let go of my arm and stop smiling at me like that? Billy, I’m scared, there’s two figures walking towards us, they’re carrying a paper bag, what do they want Billy?”

“Don’t worry mate. I’m sure your bad dream is not going to bother you tonight.”



15 thoughts on “I Keep Getting This Dream – a short story for Inspiration Monday

  1. Mmm. And there are interesting questions left answered. Why him? Why not Billy? And where did they get the money? There’s something deeper and much more sinister going on here…
    : )


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