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The Day Of Judgement

This short story is in response to Ken Broad’s picture, ‘Sunday Snap – Fictional Campfire’

Photo by Karli Watson (Flickr)

The Day Of Judgement 

He was much later than he’d expected and knew that Josie would be starting to worry about him. He had tried phoning her but couldn’t get a signal and wondered if this thick fog had anything to do with that. This short cut through the cathedral’s graveyard would cut a good half hour off his journey home.

The cathedrals spires towered above him as he hurried along. Somehow they looked even bigger than ever as they disappeared into the swirling fog. Then he heard the noise. At first he put it down to some drunks or late nigh party goers and quickened his pace. Then he froze as a heart wrenching scream rose out of the fog.

He wanted to carry on, to ignore whatever was happening, but he couldn’t. That scream was from someone in real trouble, he couldn’t just walk away. He cautiously moved from grave to grave, peering through the mist. The fog lifted momentarily and he froze. There ahead of him was a young girl laid out on one of the grave slabs. She was surrounded by five sinister looking figures all dressed in long robes with their faces hidden by dark hoods. He could vaguely make out some strange chanting as they circled their victim.

As he tried to work out what he should do he noticed a rumbling noise and the ground seemed to start shaking. Suddenly beams of light shot down through the fog and appeared to encircle the cathedral. The group of hooded figures all turned to face the light. They all fell on to their knees and someone cried out, “The time is upon us.”

It was then that he remembered the date, Saturday 21st May 2011. This was the day that some crazy evangelist in America had prophesied the end of the world. He had been ridiculed in the papers but he must have been right. The shaking and rumbling continued and the lights grew in intensity. It was the day of judgement. He knew he was not going to make it back to Josie. He sank to his knees and started praying.

Then the shaking and rumbling abruptly stopped, the beams of light disappeared and a loud voice boomed out across the graveyard, “Well done everyone, that’s a wrap. Get yourself off to bed. We’ve got an early start in the morning with the next scene.”



16 thoughts on “The Day Of Judgement

  1. Oh excellent! I was thinking it’s great you incorporated rapture day and was then slightly disappointed that it would have a cliché ending but no! You truly put a smile on my face at the end -lovely twist! 🙂


  2. hahaha! When I started reading, I was almost going to stop and continue tomorrow morning when it is daylight. It was getting too comfortable to read at night! I loved the twist at the end. Thank god for that and thank you Mike for a light-hearted ending. I can now go to bed peacefully 🙂


  3. Mike,

    I have to say that I didn’t like this one.

    I loved it!!!!!!

    Well done, yet again you caught me looking the other way, you evil wicked man!

    I wonder what you may have come up with, if you had needed 2 extra days?

    Bravo, well done.


    1. Thanks Ken. You are very kind.
      It took me a while to come up with this one, hence the late entry. At first it was going to have more of a sci fi ending – but then ……
      I’m glad it caught you by surprise!


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