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Sometimes It’s Best To Let Go

This story is in response to Haley Whitehall’s ‘May Flash Fiction Challenge. The challenge was to write a story of 500 words or less starting with, “He should have never been there in the first place.”

Flat 7 

He should have never been there in the first place. It was all Sarah’s fault. When she left his world fell apart. There’s had been a strange relationship and towards the end there had been something  frightening about the way she looked at him. Then one day she was gone, the note simply said, “Sorry. If I’d stayed I would only have hurt you. Love S.”

Life without Sarah was hard, he couldn’t stop thinking about her, remembering the smell of her perfume or the quirky way she liked her coffee. Then, six months later, he saw her. She looked fantastic. He waved and shouted her name, she stopped and looked across at him before walking away. He wondered what had made her ignore him like that. He needed to know so he followed her.

Whether Sarah knew he was there he was unsure. Only when she reached her destination, a large Georgian house, did she stop and look back at him. She smiled and held out her hand, beckoning him to join her, as he moved towards her she disappeared inside.

Looking at the names on the door he discovered she lived in Flat 7, top floor. As he climbed the stairs he had this overwhelming desire to be with her again. The door to Flat 7 was open, he was obviously expected. He heard her calling his name and smiled as he went in.

As soon as he shut the door he knew something was wrong. The flat was  completely empty, it looked as if it had been unoccupied for years. There were holes in the ceiling, floorboards were missing, plaster was hanging off the damp walls and the small window in the corner was so dirty that hardly any light was coming through. He looked for Sarah but there was nobody else in the room, he was completely alone. Panic surged through his body, he had to get out. He tried the front door, it was locked. He rushed across to the window but that was firmly closed. There was no way out. For some reason Sarah had lured him to this room. 

Slowly he became aware of a smell that he instantly recognized, it was her perfume. It felt as though she was standing next to him. Then he saw her eyes staring at him just as they had all those months before. He backed away towards the door and the eyes followed him. As he scanned the room frantically searching for a way out of this nightmare he realized that her eyes were everywhere, firmly fixed on him.

He screamed out her name in some vain hope that she might stop whatever she was doing to him but nothing happened. He could feel her presence filling the whole room. He slowly sank to the floor and sat there hugging his knees, watching those eyes. Her voice whispered, “Sorry, I didn’t want this to happen.”



14 thoughts on “Sometimes It’s Best To Let Go

    1. Thanks for your kind words Billie Jo.
      I think this lady works on her own and is both powerful and scary, with possibly a softer side that she’s battling to hang on to.


  1. Excellent! Nice to have a darker story. Been reading ones that have all all warm and fuzzy lately. While they were excellent, I was in need for something creepy. Bravo!


  2. Dunno how I missed reading this. Glad to check it out and as always enjoyed. I expected something different and you did exactly that!


  3. Darker stories must be the “in” thing. I enjoyed reading your story. Mike, you write on the dark side quite well. Writing something warm and fuzzy would likely stretch you as a writer.


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