Catch The Moon

This story is in response to Ken’s picture prompt – ‘Sunday Snap’

Catch The Moon

“How’s it going son, caught anything yet?”

“One or two dad, but I just keep missing the big one. Did you ever catch it?”

“No son, I never did. Came real close many times but it always had that knack of getting away at the very last-minute. My dad, your grandad, caught it once, He said it was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.”

“Can I just have ten more minutes dad and one more go?”

“Sorry son but your mum says it’s supper time and then you’ve got to get off to bed. Don’t forget we’ve got a long journey home tomorrow. There’s just time to check what you’ve caught. Let’s see what’ve you’ve got.”

“Well, there’s the Earth, Neptune and Saturn.”

“Well done. A good catch. Especially Earth, that can be a tricky one to net. Now, time to throw them back. When you’ve done that you can give me a hand to get this deck to retract back into the ship. Then we need to set a course back home to Volgan 9.”

“Can we come back here for our holiday next year Dad? I want to have another go at trying to catch the moon.”

(Picture by kanelstrand on Flickr)



    1. Mike

      Thanks for your comments.
      I keep finding myself drawn back to this dialogue only format. I sometimes wonder whether it would still work with a longer story.


  1. KenBroad

    The picture does look like its a deck in the sky, I hadn’t noticed that before. Really liked the idea. Yet another wonderful story Mike!


  2. Mike

    Thank you Ken.
    I kept going back to this picture & couldn’t get away from the idea of it being somehow in the sky. I think that’s why it took me a while to come up with a story.


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