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The Big Secret

I’m grateful for Billie Jo for this writing prompt. The story of 500 words or less had to contain a ‘secret’ of some sort.

The Big Secret

“Hey Billy, do you want to know a secret?”

“Depends on what it is. Is it just a secret or is a really big secret?”

“Oh this is big Billy. This is a real, real secret.”

“If it’s that big a secret how come you know all about it? I thought only grown ups new the really big secrets?”

“Johnny Biggs told me this one. He made me give him 50p and promise not to tell anybody else. He said if I did something really bad would happen.”

“Like what?”

“Well Johnny said that this was such a big secret that if I so much as breathed a word of it to anyone else then God would send down a flash of lightning and I would end up fried to a cinder.”

“So where did Johnny get the secret and how come he’s not been fried?”

“Ah, that’s because nobody told him, he just heard his big sister telling her friends. So do you want me to tell you or not? It will cost you 50p.”

“I’m not sure. Why are you telling me this dead important secret anyway?”

“Cos you’re my best friend. We share everything. Remember when you had that secret about your mum and dad? You didn’t tell anyone else just me.”

“Yeah and you went and told Zoe, who told her dad, who told my dad and I got grounded and my pocket-money stopped for a week.”

“That wasn’t my fault. Zoe promised me she wouldn’t tell anyone. That’s why I don’t tell her secrets any more. Now do you want to know this secret or not?”

“OK then, here’s my 50p. It had better be worth it.”

“Come over here, under this big tree, so nobody else can here us. Well, Johnny says that his sister said that, you know the new teacher we’ve got, Mr. Lucifer, well apparently he’s a …………”

At that point there was a booming noise from the heavens followed by a large flash of lightning. Johnny’s sister’s secret was still safe.



9 thoughts on “The Big Secret

  1. Mike that was really great! I was sat in anticipation while reading the whole thing and half expecting it to be some humorous childish secret. Then you threw in the twisty type ending and kept it a secret. Great story idea!


  2. I’m with Billie Jo on that; I was wondering what childish secret were you going to unleash and well, then you didn’t even let the cat out of the bag; instead you kept the suspense going… loved it! 🙂


  3. Oh dear, this should be a lesson to us all. 🙂

    I actually expected him to make pots of money peddling the “secret” around his friends for 50p each.

    Loved the twist at the end.


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