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Wish You Were Here

Another short story in response to one of the prompts from this week’s ‘Inspiration Monday’. The prompt was ‘Postcard from hell.’

Wish You Were Here

“Is that the post love? Anything interesting?”

“Don’t think so dear. There another reminder for that gas bill we haven’t paid, a double glazing brochure and a postcard.”

“A postcard. Who’s it from? I can’t think of any of our friends who are on holiday at the moment.”

“It’s from someone called Lucifer. I wonder if the postman delivered it to the wrong house. We don’t know anyone called Lucifer, do we?

“There’s Mrs. Hobson’s son, you know the one who’s in prison at the moment, robbed that bank in the High street. I’m sure he had a funny sort of name. But he wouldn’t be sending us a postcard from prison, I mean we didn’t even know him. Anyway, where’s it from? What’s the picture on the front? Is it somewhere you recognize?”

“It doesn’t look like any of the places we normally go to. It’s a picture of fire and flames and it’s somewhere called ‘Hell’. I’m sure that’s where Mrs. Hobson’s old man went to when he left her, you know when he ran off with the barmaid from the Red Lion. I remember her telling me that they could go to Hell for all she cared. I assumed it was abroad somewhere.”

“Strange, us getting a postcard from her old man after all this time. But I thought his name was Len, not Lucifer. Anyway what did he say?”

“It just says, ‘Dear John’ …. Strange that. It’s only addressed to you and not to the both of us. Anyway it says, ‘Dear John. Weather here is very hot at the moment. Doesn’t look like getting any cooler. Looking forward to you joining us. See you on Wednesday. Love Lucifer. You didn’t tell me you were going on holiday John.”

“I’m not love. I don’t even know who this Lucifer is. Anyway I can’t go, I’m sure we’re busy on Wednesday.”

“Wednesday? Let me think. Oh yes, I’m having my hair done in the morning and you’re in hospital for the day. Do you remember? You’ve got that minor operation on your leg. The one you’ve been worrying about for ages now. I don’t know why because the doctor said it was quite straightforward, even for someone your age and that there shouldn’t be any complications. He reckons that I should be able to collect you in the evening once you’ve come round from the anesthetic.”



22 thoughts on “Wish You Were Here

    1. It certainly would!
      Just goes to show, none of us knows what’s waiting for us around the corner – unless of course we get a postcard telling us!


    1. That’s true, hadn’t thought of that!
      One less thing for her to worry about!
      Glad you enjoyed the story – your challenge looks interesting. I’ll certainly be having a go. Thanks.


  1. Very good Mike, the grief that lies just beneath the shallow lives of these ordinary people. I want to dislike them but I don’t, I’m sad for them. But of course John has a past he will be held in account for.


    1. Thank you for your kind comments, glad you enjoyed the story.
      At one point I was thinking of weaving John’s past into the story but then thought it best to leave it to the readers imagination.


    1. I enjoy reading your comments – you are always so nice to me!
      You’re right things don’t look good for John, fortunately he seems blissfully unaware of his fate.


  2. Well, that was a little on the creepy side. Any ‘DearJohn’ letter should cause concern. This was good reading… looking for more!


    1. Thanks for dropping by, glad you enjoyed the story.
      Not heard of ‘Screwtape Letters’ but just been on to Amazon, I see it’s by CS Lewis & looks interesting. Just got it for my Kindle app on my iPad – looking forward to reading it. Thanks.


  3. OK, am I the only one that saw Eric Idle (in a dress of course!) and Micheal Palin sitting at the kitchen table? Loved it! I had a look at the challenge prompts and came up with nada. Great story Mike.


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