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Revenge Is Sweet (Inspiration Monday)

A second story for this week’s ‘Inspiration Monday’ prompts. The prompt this time was, ‘His revenge was different than I expected.’

Revenge Is Sweet

I hadn’t meant to steal my best friend’s wife, it just sort of happened. We’d all been friends since childhood, me, George and Charlotte. I was best man at their wedding and had remained a firm friend ever since. If I’m honest a small part of me had always been in love with Charlotte, probably one of the reasons why I had never settled down.

I’m not sure how the affair started. When I look back now it was just a series of accidental events that threw us together. George was away a lot with his job, I was in the process of looking for a new flat and they had both insisted that I stay in their spare room. I just happened to be around when Charlotte was feeling particularly lonely. George had been on a business trip to Russia for two weeks. One moment it seemed I was comforting her as a friend and the next we found ourselves embroiled in a passionate affair.

In the end it turned out to be more than just a fling. Charlotte and George got divorced, Charlotte and I then got married. It all sounds very simple and straightforward and it was. Much to my amazement George was very civilized about the whole thing. George had always had a fiery temper but throughout the whole process we never saw any sign of it. In some ways it was quite scary how laid back he was about  everything.

The wedding was a small affair, just a few friends and family. We even got a card wishing us good luck for the future from George. I had wanted Charlotte’s mum to come to the wedding. I even suggested paying her air fare from Australia but Charlotte wouldn’t hear of it. Apparently her mum was a wicked, vindictive witch of a woman. Charlotte’s words not mine. When she and George were first married she had gone out of her way to wreck it, by all accounts she had made their life hell. When she had announced that she was emigrating to Australia Charlotte and her two sisters had a celebratory party. The more I heard about this woman the more pleased I was that she lived thousands of miles away.

You can imagine the shock on Charlotte’s face when, six months later, she opened the door one Saturday morning to find her mum standing there. When Charlotte finally let her in she reveled in telling us that she had moved back to England.

“I wasn’t planning on coming back but then that nice husband of yours, not this one, but George, got in touch with me. He thought it would be nice for me to come back here so that I can be near my family. He reckons that someone needs to keep an eye on you. He even paid for my ticket, first class as well. On top of that he has brought me a lovely little house to live in, in fact it’s the one just across the road. So I will be able to keep an eye on you both and pop in to see you any time.”

As I sat there and let this news sink in I had to admit that George’s revenge was different than I expected.



16 thoughts on “Revenge Is Sweet (Inspiration Monday)

    1. Glad you liked the story.
      You had me confused with MIL (it’s my age!) – then Google came to the rescue!
      Mother in Law – so obvious really.


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