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Inside My Head

Another contribution for Sonia’s April Challenge, ‘Doing The Write Thing’ The idea is to write a story using only dialogue, no speech marks, no description.

Inside My Head

Please, I beg you, just leave me alone!

I’m sorry but we can’t do that. You have been chosen and that’s that. It’s best if you just accept the situation and move on.

But I can’t! Surely you can see what it would do to me if I gave in to your requests.

We know it’s not easy and trust us we wish there was an alternative.

But why me? Surely there were others out there more suitable.

You undervalue yourself. When we looked around you were by far the mot worthy candidate.

But my family. Think how my family will feel if I do these terrible things you want me to do. It will break them.

Come now, you’re not being honest with yourself are you? What little family you have despise you. They think you are some kind of crank.

But what about my friends.

Now you are getting delusional. We all know that you don’t have any friends. The few people who vaguely know you find you somewhat scary.

I’m not going to do it. This horrendous act you have planned I just won’t do it. I would rather kill myself.

Now come on, you’re just being foolish. We voices have been inside your head for weeks now. You know that you’ve no choice.



8 thoughts on “Inside My Head

  1. You make it look easy to write dialogue. I have not attempted this challenge yet but dialogue is difficult for me, especially to make it sound real and distinct for each character. Nice job.


    1. Thanks for you kind words of encouragement.
      I’ve enjoyed this dialogue challenge.
      When I get the germ of an idea I just talk to myself, moving from one character to the other & quickly write the ideas down.
      I always knew that talking to myself would come in handy one day!


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