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Don’t Believe Everything You Think – (Inspiration Monday)

Since I discovered ‘Inspiration Monday’ Mondays have taken on a new meaning to me – I look forward to them! Not something I said that often when I worked! Have a look at the writing prompts for this week. The top one appealed to me straight away – ‘Don’t believe everything you think.’

Don’t Believe Everything You Think

I was part way through my bi-annual ‘National Thinking’ session when my monitor went blank and a strange message flashed across the screen, ‘DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU THINK’. Before I could properly take it in the computer was back to normal with its soothing pictures and relaxing messages coming through my earpiece. I looked around at the other computer terminals in the room, they were all showing the same programme as mine. I put the odd message down to some technical glitch and carried on with the session.

This government run ‘National Thinking’ programme was compulsory and all citizens had to attend one every six months. Non attendance was punishable by imprisonment but I had never met anybody who didn’t attend, why should they, these days were one of the highlights of the year. I had just three more hours and this one would be over. You might think that sitting at a computer terminal for eight hours would be a chore but it wasn’t. The images on the screen mixed with the uplifting audio messages seemed to make the time just fly by. I always found these days very therapeutic and came away feeling like a new man.

With only ten minutes of the session left it happened again. This time the screen images didn’t change but the words coming through my earpiece were interrupted by a nervous sounding voice which whispered, ‘DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU THINK’. There was an almost scared urgency to the voice. The message was quickly repeated three times  and then disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. I looked around the room, everything seemed to be normal. Everyone else had their eyes firmly fixed on their screens and appeared to be totally absorbed in the programme.

At that point I became aware that one of the many cameras scanning the room seemed to be training itself on me. I realised  I was deviating from the norm by looking away from my terminal. I quickly went back to staring at the images and concentrating on the messages now coming through my earpiece again. The camera remained watching me for a few more seconds then resumed its normal scanning. As the session came to a close I fleetingly thought of finding one of the trainers and telling him about what had happened. Then I noticed that everyone else was smiling and chatting while making their way out. I decided it was probably best to say nothing. These trainers were busy people and didn’t have time to listen to my ramblings. I decided to just put the whole thing down to some sort of technical problem with my computer.

On my way home I decided to stop off for a drink. As I sat quietly at the bar I couldn’t get that message out of my head – ‘DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU THINK’. I wondered what it could have meant? I knew from talking to my friends that my thoughts were very similar to theirs, why shouldn’t they be, we believed in the same things. I started to go over in my head all the things that I believed so fervently in. My life couldn’t be better.

When I thought about it I realized just how true the messages I had received today in my bi-annual ‘National Thinking’ session were. What a great government we had. Things had improved so much since we had dispensed with all that democracy nonsense and silly elections. We knew exactly who was in charge and who would remain in charge. I used to earn a very good wage and the 90% I gave back to the government in taxes was essential to ensure that they could continue to organize our lives for us. The introduction of laws making retirement at 45 compulsory had been a brilliant piece of legislation as it meant that there we enough jobs for the growing young families that our government officials were having. It also meant that I could now give all my spare time freely to support the governments ‘Big Society’ idea. If it wasn’t for people like me how would our public services exist? I shudder sometimes when I think of the money my parents and older generations used to waste on things like mobile phones, designer clothing, laptops and luxury holidays, to name but a few. What on earth would I do with any of those things today. Now, everything I need is given to me by my benevolent government.

As I made my way back to the government dormitory where I lived I thought once more about that silly message. I have decided not to mention it to any of my friends – I wouldn’t want them to think that I didn’t have a mind of my own.



13 thoughts on “Don’t Believe Everything You Think – (Inspiration Monday)

  1. Another brilliant piece. Very 1984 in tone, fitting for our times. Who ever thought Monday’s could be so much fun! Guess you can’t believe everything you think!


    1. So glad you liked it & thanks for your comment.
      It can be surprising where a simple prompt can take you.
      I’m looking forward to seeing how others interpret this prompt.


    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I always think that writing can give two-fold pleasure – the initial pleasure you get from the actual writing & then the pleasure any audience you might have in reading your thoughts.
      PS Thanks for the prompts – I’m really enjoying ‘Inspiration Monday’


  2. great piece and great message there Mike, are we being brainwashed without our knowing? Could it happen? are we really sitting here typing away, or or we elsewhere, living through our imaginations? The possibilities are endless, and are the clues there if we look for them? If I pinch my arm do I feel it….Ouch!! oh yes.!!! 😉 xPenx


    1. Thanks for your comments Pen.
      We live in an age where we think that we are free – but are we really? With the technology that there is today there are supposedly people out there monitoring our every action.
      I wonder if there is some government official monitoring my blog – if there is I wish he would leave a comment!


      1. Maybe that’s who Fyrespike is? I ‘see’ him as a big green Dragon, maybe he’s a Government Official in real life and he’s infiltrated my thought process and taking over my site!! Wow, that waccy baccy smoke is surely powerful!! 😉 xx


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