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I Wish I Hadn’t Read Her Diary (Inspirational Monday)

Another story inspired by this week’s prompts from ‘Inspiration Monday’

I Wish I Hadn’t Read Her Diary

She was the most beautiful women I had ever met. Her name was Magdalene and she’d appeared in my life just a week ago. In some ways it has been a very strange week. In spite of spending hours talking to one another I realize that I still know nothing about her except her name. When I mentioned this earlier today she smiled and invited me to her flat tonight where I will find out more. She had that mysterious look on her face and a wicked grin that promised me a night to remember.

So here I am, sat in her flat with a glass of beer in my hand watching her as she prepares the food. She looks even more ravishing than usual and, if I’m honest, a little threatening. I keep getting this image of a poor fly caught in a delectable spider’s web.

“Stop looking at me with those lustful eyes,” she whispers as she leans across and drops a book on the table in front of me. “You said you wanted  to know more about me, have a read of this. It’s my diary, all you need to know is in there.” This was crazy. Most women I knew wouldn’t have let me anywhere near their diary. Magdalene was actually inviting me to read hers. This was too good an opportunity to miss.

I picked up the red, leather-bound book and started reading ……. “My Earthly name is Magdalene. I am in fact an Information Gathering Android from the planet Volgan 09. I have been sent here to gather details about the human race ………

She was obviously winding me up. I smiled and was about to make some sort of wise remark when I noticed something disturbing. The writing in the diary had vanished and in its place was a pair of eyes staring straight at me. My immediate instinct was to drop the book but I couldn’t. The more I tried to let go the more it appeared to be glued to my fingers. I tried to look away and call out for Magdalene but I couldn’t move. It was as if the eyes in the diary had locked on to mine and I was transfixed. They seemed to be burrowing into the very depths of my mind.

Then the words began to appear on the page. As I read them it slowly dawned on me that they were my words. Everything I had said, or imagined, or thought that day was being transcribed on to the page. I was vaguely aware of Magdalene standing by the side of me. “It will soon be over,” she whispered, “My diary is collecting all your memories, ideas, dreams, thoughts ….. everything. I told you it was going to be an exciting evening.”

The writing is slowing down, I suppose that means my mind is almost empty. Once the last full stop is added to the page I will no longer exist.




14 thoughts on “I Wish I Hadn’t Read Her Diary (Inspirational Monday)

  1. quick Mike, turn your eyes away!! ¬¬¬ Slap ¬¬¬¬!! OH well didn’t work!! Gotta dash before I feel the pull of the diary… Every man um…woman for themselves!!
    Good storyline, very (science fiction) believable. (I believe anything you know!! well.. almost!! ) xPenx


    1. I’m glad you liked it.
      One of the great things about the ‘Inspiration Monday’ prompts is that they inspire ideas that might never have seen the light of day.


  2. I see a re-occuring theme ….. wondering if “something” is influencing your thoughts ?
    (now wondering if “something” is communicating with me)


  3. I’m a science fiction fan, but not a huge science fiction fan. The trouble with so much of it is I don’t believe it—in a genre where anything is possible, I think some writers use that as a replacement for plot.

    But your stories are totally believable and immersing. I loved this. It was unexpected and creepy (in a good way).


    1. Thank you for your comments.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the story.
      I couldn’t agree more about science fiction – all stories have got to be believable, how ever far fetched the idea might be. I’m afraid I’m one of those readers who, if I don’t begin to see the places and people in my head, gives up on the book.


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