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You Never Listen To Me!

Many thanks to Sonia for her ‘March Writing Challenge’ – the challenge was to write a 250 word story starting with, ‘I should have listened with both ears instead of one’

You Never Listen!

I should have listened with both ears instead of one but she was shouting at me again. It had started first thing this morning and was still going on as we stood on the platform waiting for the early morning train. This arguing had been going on for months now and was getting nastier each day. I still couldn’t quite figure out just when that intense love we’d had for each other had turned to the hate I now saw in her eyes. I knew that I should have moved out of her life weeks ago but I’d never been very good at making decisions. Instead I’d stayed and watched the anger begin to consume her.

People around us edged away as she continued to shout at me. She had lost it, completely unaware of others around us. I had stopped listening and in an attempt to ignore her had put my  earphones in both ears and turned the volume up loud. In her anger she ripped one of the earphones out. I just compensated by turning the music up even louder. I was now only vaguely aware of her voice in my other ear as she shouted, “You bastard! You never listen to me.”

It was at this point I felt her push me. As I fell off the edge of the platform I was aware of the loud music in one ear and the screech of brakes in the other just seconds before the train hit me.



8 thoughts on “You Never Listen To Me!

      1. You’re welcome. I was inspired to host a challenge by Cafe Muravyets Feb challenge. These writing challenges are really helping my creative flow!


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