The Voice

This is the picture prompt this week from ‘Light & Shade’. This is my story, though I’ve no idea where it came from?

The Voice

“I’m telling you Jimmy, this is the place. Look. There’s the bottle, right where I said it would be.”

“OK mate, so last night you got drunk and this is where you collapsed but why bring me here?”

“I don’t know. It’s just this voice keeps telling me that’s what I should do.”

“That’s all very interesting mate but now do you reckon you could get that voice of yours to tell you where the nearest pub is, I’m thirsty.”

Billy ignored his friend  and took a key from his pocket and fumbled with the padlock on the gate.

“What the hell are you doing now Billy? Where did you get that key?”

“I don’t know. The voice told me it was in my pocket. It wants us to go into this basement flat.”

“I’m sorry Billy but you’re now beginning to piss me off. I don’t know what this is all about but enough’s enough. Why don’t you just forget all about this place and we’ll go and have that drink. Come on mate, what do you say?”

“We can’t do that Jimmy, the voice says so. You’ve got to come with me or it will get really angry. Trust me you don’t want that.”

Before Jimmy had time to answer, Billy grabbed him by the arm and started dragging him through the now open gates and down the short flight of steps. As Jimmy started to struggle and try to pull away, a quiet, menacing voice filled his head:

“You’re friend was right when he said you need to go with him. Now stop struggling and do as he tells you. Believe me when I tell you, I’m not the sort of person you want to cross.”

Jimmy felt his resistance melt away and let Billy lead him by the arm to the door of the flat.

Peering from a gap in her net curtains, the old lady inside had watched all this take place. She heard a knock on the front door and smiled.

As she made her slow way to the door she shouted:

“He’s back Master, just like I said he would be and this time he’s got two young-looking lads with him. Fine, strong boys they look. Just what you need. I’ll let them in sir, give the two lads a cup of tea while you talk to him. What’s that Master? No, of course I won’t. I won’t do nothing to them sir, not till you tell me I can.”


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No Second Chance – Gargleblaster #172

No Second Chance

This nightmare relationship started 30 years ago. Tuesday 24th July 1984, to be exact. The China Sea Restaurant. I’d had too much red wine. She caught me by surprise:

“Jimmy, sweetheart, how about meeting my parents this weekend?”

I should’ve said no.


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‘The Fork People’ – A 100 Word Story For Friday Fictioneers

A 100 word story for this week’s photo prompt from Friday Fictioneers.

The Fork People

“Why are you still here?”

“But …”

“No ‘buts’, please. We gave you plenty of warning.”

“I’m not sure …”

“We left messages everywhere telling you about those awful creatures from Planet Fork. Surely you saw them?”

“Yes, but …”

“They were going to invade your planet, dreadful specimens. Of course, being the superior race we persuaded them that was not a good idea.”

“Who are the …”

“Enough! I’m sure our messages mentioned us taking over. Earth seems a nice enough place. Trouble is, there won’t be room for us all. When exactly did you say you were leaving?”


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Rabbit Stew – Gargleblaster #171

Rabbit Stew

“Go on Ken, how often?”

“Telling you mate, me and Maureen Cassidy are like rabbits. We never stop.”

“What about her old man. He’s a vicious bastard.”

“That silly old fart, he’ll never know.”

Mr. Cassidy cocked his shotgun, he’d heard enough.



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Just Grab The Box – A 100 Word Story

A 100 word story for this week’s Friday Fictioneers.

Just Grab The Box

“Hurry up Jimmy! Just grab the box marked invoices and let’s get out of here before anyone finds us.”

“Can’t do it Billy.”

“What do you mean. It’s simple enough. It’s the box right in front of you. Now get a move on.”

“But Billy, it’s looking at me. I’m scared.”

“Bloody hell Jimmy, don’t be so stupid! It’s dead, stuffed. Get out of the way you idiot, I’ll get it.”

As Billy stooped to pick up the box the head moved, the mouth opened, everything went black. Jimmy turned to run but couldn’t, something had a hold of him.


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Anybody Seen The Kids? – Gargleblaster #170 Summer Series

Anybody Seen The Kids?

They were an odd family, particularly the dad, nasty piece of work. The kids seemed OK, Daisy and Marigold.

Nobody noticed they were missing, not at first.

Then yesterday the police arrived, took the parents away and started digging up the garden.


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‘The Rain Was alive’ – A 100 Word Story

Another 100 word story. This one came about following a prompt to write Twitter Fiction from #ThePush.  It made me want to write something a little longer than 140 characters. The prompt was ‘The rain was alive.’

The Rain Was Alive

The rain was alive. I could feel droplets trickling into my ears, invading my mind with their sweet talk. The rest soaked through my clothes, slowly, seductively. Cold, wet fingers reached out, wrapping themselves around every part of my body.

The pleasure was intoxicating, overwhelming, until the excruciating pain started. The raindrops tiny teeth began slowly to eat me alive. The water in my mouth drowned out my final, agonizing screams.

The sun watched on patiently. In a short while the rain would soak away and she would begin to dry out those fleshless bones ready for a crunchy feast.



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‘Arriving Home’ – A 100 Word Story

A 100 word story for this weekend’s ‘Light & Shade’ challenge.

Image Lyssa Medana

Image Lyssa Medana

Arriving Home

James picked up his phone.

“Ah, Mr. Jones, nice to speak to you again. Just letting you know, everything has been taken care of, exactly as we agreed. Your wife is dead. When you get home you’ll see her keys in the door. You’ll find her on the kitchen floor. It will look like a heart attack. They’ll say it probably happened as she was bringing in the weekly shopping. We’ve left groceries scattered on the floor just to complete the picture. We suggest you phone the police straight away. Oh and Mr. Jones, do your best to look upset.”


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‘It’s Time’ – 100 Word Story For Friday Fictioneers

A story for this week’s Friday Fictioneers.

It’s Time

You’re not going to believe this but I’m telling you, it really happened. One day we found three small alien creatures, in a box, outside our back door. Mum was all for calling the police but we persuaded her to let us keep them.

Anyway, that was three months ago now. They’ve settled in OK but said nothing, that was until last night, when, out of the blue, one of them said,

“Look at your sky. Our friends are coming.”

Just like that, nothing else. So I looked. It was weird and the noise…

Then they came. Millions of them.




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Christmas Envy


Christmas Envy

The bloke, at number 43, has another Christmas decoration on his front lawn, a six-foot inflatable Mermaid.  Looks great. I want one.

The bastard guessed what I was planning. The mermaid’s now on his roof.

Wonder where I put my  ladder?


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