Going Away

Going Away

“I hope this is not one of your daft stories Jimmy because I’m just not in the mood. I can feel one of my migraines coming on.”

“Honest love, you’ve got to believe me. This really happened. I was standing just where you are and the front doorbell rang. When I opened it there it was.”

“What do you mean, ‘there it was’, what exactly was ‘it’?”

“That’s the bit you’re not going to believe my darling. You see it was….., well it was a …….., no, I mean it was a kind of ………. Let’s just say it wasn’t human.”

“What do you mean, ‘it wasn’t human’? Honestly Jimmy you do talk some rubbish. Why I married you in the first place is beyond me. I should’ve listened to mother. You haven’t been drinking have you? You’ve not been at my cooking sherry again?”

“No love, honest. I knew you wouldn’t believe me, that’s why I wasn’t going to bother telling you, but he said I had to.”

“Jimmy just start again, from the beginning.”

“Well, as I said, when I answered the door there it was just standing there. It was huge. A bright green scaly body with a large oval-shaped head, no nose and one large purple eye smack bang in the middle of it’s forehead. It gave me quite a start I can tell you. Worst of all though was the smell.”

“Smell! What smell?”

“The creature thing. It smelt awful. It was a mixture of one of your burnt Sunday dinners and horse manure. Definitely not nice.”

“This story of yours is getting sillier by the minute Jimmy. If I find you’re pulling my leg you’ll have more to worry about than my burnt dinners. I don’t suppose you could draw a picture of this mysterious alien creature could you?”

“You know I can’t draw love, but I’ll know it when I see it again.”

“What do you mean, ‘when you see it again’?

“Didn’t I tell you love? Sorry. It said it was coming back.”

“So this huge, green, one-eyed monster could talk as well could it?”

“Oh yes love. Very charming it was, knew my name but it was you he was after.”


“Yes love. Most definite he was. He asked for you personally. Apparently your name has come up on one of their computers. He said he couldn’t tell me much because it was all very hush-hush but he did say it had something to do with some tests they were carrying out and that you would be going away for a while, possibly a few years. Apparently you don’t need to pack and you won’t need your passport.”

“What did you say?”

“I told him you’d be back about four. There’s the front door bell now. It must be him. Shall I answer it love or will you?”


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Is It a Bird, Is It a Plane?

babybuggyIs It A Bird, Is It A Plane?

“I could do with a little help here guys.”

“Sorry Sis, what did you say?”

“What is it with you two? Here we are on the most exciting adventure of our lives and you two decide to leave everything to me. Typical.”

“OK Sis, whatever you say.”

“I don’t know why I bother. If I’d left it to you two we would still be at home with that creep of a man who mum plans on marrying. Is that what you both want? Well, is it Michael?”

“Sorry Sis, what was that?”

“I might as well talk to myself. What is it with boys, why don’t they ever listen? I was saying Michael, do you want mum to marry that idiot and for him to be our new dad? Of course you don’t. That’s why we’re running away. We would be further on if you two hadn’t left  me to back all our belongings in the old pram all by myself. Just don’t blame me if, when we get there, your favourite toy or Ben’s old teddy are missing. Michael are you listening to me?”

“Yes Sis, course I am.”

“As soon as I’ve finished what I’m doing we need to be on our way. Mum will have found that note I left and will come looking for us soon. I just hope she doesn’t bring that new boyfriend of hers. I know you quite liked him Michael but that’s just because you’re not old enough to see what he’s really like. I was suspicious when mum said he was called Clarke, I mean who do you know with a daft name like Clarke? As for that story about him being a reporter I reckon he just made that up to try to impress mum. But what I found really creepy  was that blue costume with a big ‘S’ sewn on the front he used to dress up in when he thought nobody was looking. ‘S’ for ‘Sucker’ if you ask me

“Sis, I think you need to take a look at this.”

“Not now Michael. I haven’t got time. Just grab your brother and we can get going again. What’s he doing any way?”

“He’s just looking up at the sky Sis.”

“Why? What’s so interesting up there?”

“Well Sis, there’s a guy in a blue costume, with a big ‘S’ sewn on the front and he’s flying this way. What’s more he’s got our mum in his arms and she don’t look happy.”


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Wonder What’s Keeping Them?

Wonder What’s Keeping Them?

Should manage to finish this cigarette before they arrive, probably some law against me having one in their car. Surprised they’re not here yet. Wonder what’s keeping them? Could be the traffic. It can be a nightmare this time of the morning.

Have I got time for a coffee?

The girl behind the counter keeps looking at me, probably wondering what I’m up to. I keep wondering that myself.

What shall I tell them when they get here? Suppose I might turn on the tears, say it was all a horrible mistake. I didn’t mean to do it. He attacked me first.

Not true of course. I knew exactly what was happening, known for weeks. Just been waiting for the right moment. Should’ve guessed it would be today, my birthday.

Wonder what’s keeping them? Thought they would’ve been here ages ago. Surely somebody must have found his body by now.


A story for Sunday Picture Press


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‘Jeremy! What have I told you about putting things in your mouth? Where did you find it?’

In the garden Mummy, behind the bushes. Is it poisonous?’

‘No dear, it’s a human child thing, quite tasty. You can have it after tea.’




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I Simply Work Here

I’m so intrigued with the picture prompts at the Sunday Picture Press that I’ve written a second story. This one is exactly 100 words.

I Simply Work Here

Don’t get angry with me mate! I’m just paid to watch the belt and pull off any broken ones. Nothing to do with me as to what happens to them after that. I just do my job, keep my head down and my mouth shut, it’s the safest thing to do round here. But if you’re so concerned with their human rights why don’t you take it up with the boss. You’ll find him down the corridor, third cage on the right. He’s the one with the nasty temper and big teeth, you can’t miss him. I wish you luck.


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Another Bloody Hole!

A welcome return of Sunday Picture Press. Some great photo prompts, check them out.

Unknown title or artist

Unknown title or artist

Another Bloody Hole!

‘Well Peter, any idea how it happened?’

‘Appears it was an accident sir. Two male Angels fighting over some female and one of their lightning bolts went astray. I’ve got them both locked up waiting for your instructions. I thought maybe a severe reprimand and a week in the other place might teach them a lesson.’

‘Best make it a fortnight Peter. We don’t want the others thinking we’re going soft. And have a word with the female as well, make sure she did nothing to provoke all of this. Now, what news on the damage?’

‘Our reports show that it was fairly minimal sir. Obviously the bolt left a somewhat large hole in the domes wall but casualties on Earth were only slight. It would appear the bolt of lightning hit a Church just outside of a place called Birmingham. Twenty injured and being cared for in the local hospital and seven dead.’

‘Make sure the dead are given VIP treatment as soon as they arrive Peter, it’s the least we can do. Oh and Peter, if any of the seven were meant to be going to the other place can you make the necessary changes to their records to ensure they get in here. No need to let him down there know. He’s not going to miss a few lost souls. Now what about the damage to the dome?’

‘It’s being taken care of as we speak sir. Unfortunately there was some leakage, nothing we could do about it really, given the circumstances.’

‘So what are the consequences?”

‘It means the planet will be in for some pretty nasty storms over the next few weeks. We’re looking at further melting of the ice gaps, more flooding and hurricanes. Our initial calculation is that the death toll across the whole planet could be between 1.5 million and 2 million. I’ve alerted the staff here that we could be in for a busy time with new arrivals. Do you want me to inform him below sir?’

‘I suppose so. Though it galls me to think that it was our Angels that are going to be responsible for a surge in his numbers. He’ll enjoy reminding me of that. When you’ve done that Peter have a stern word with all the young Angels. Remind them of the trouble I had creating that world below and the difficulties we have in keeping the fragile infrastructure viable. Any more accidental damages to that protective dome could prove to be fatal.’

‘Will do sir. Oh and sir, before you leave, I was wondering if you’d had a chance to look at my report on the Pearly Gates, they are beginning to look a bit …’


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Are We All Here?

Are We All Here?

Everyone’s here. Standing at the end of the bed, reverential whispers, solemn faces.

Did anyone notice that bright light streaming through the window? Probably not, I think it was meant only for me.

A sign you’re about to turn off the switch.



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The Punishment

The Punishment

We were forced to our knees in front of the oozing puss hanging from the slender twig. The pair of us had known that, if caught, this would be our fate.

Someone carefully cut the twig and held the pulsating gunge above me. I felt it gently plop on to the top of my head.

Sensing human flesh it quickly spread out, sliding down my face and neck, searching for a way in. I knew I only had minutes left before this creature had complete control of my mind.

I used that time to dream of how things might have been.


100 Word story for Friday Fictioneers

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Not This Time

Not This Time

12 o’clock you said. You promised we’d do this thing together. It’s almost twenty past and the train is approaching.

No doubt you’ll have plenty of well rehearsed, almost believable, excuses.

Only this time, I wont be here to listen to them.


Written for Five Sentence Fiction’s prompt ‘Waiting’

Lillie McFerrin Writes
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They’re Coming

They’re Coming

‘Why the hell are we doing this?’

‘No idea mate, it’s just something we do.’

‘I’m knackered, any chance of a rest?’

‘Not a good idea, they’re coming.’

As two pairs of excited eyes peered into the cage, the wheel turned faster.



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