The Punishment

The Punishment

We were forced to our knees in front of the oozing puss hanging from the slender twig. The pair of us had known that, if caught, this would be our fate.

Someone carefully cut the twig and held the pulsating gunge above me. I felt it gently plop on to the top of my head.

Sensing human flesh it quickly spread out, sliding down my face and neck, searching for a way in. I knew I only had minutes left before this creature had complete control of my mind.

I used that time to dream of how things might have been.


100 Word story for Friday Fictioneers

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Not This Time

Not This Time

12 o’clock you said. You promised we’d do this thing together. It’s almost twenty past and the train is approaching.

No doubt you’ll have plenty of well rehearsed, almost believable, excuses.

Only this time, I wont be here to listen to them.


Written for Five Sentence Fiction’s prompt ‘Waiting’

Lillie McFerrin Writes
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They’re Coming

They’re Coming

‘Why the hell are we doing this?’

‘No idea mate, it’s just something we do.’

‘I’m knackered, any chance of a rest?’

‘Not a good idea, they’re coming.’

As two pairs of excited eyes peered into the cage, the wheel turned faster.



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We Are On Our Own

This unusual picture is this week’s prompt for a 100 word story from ‘Friday Fictioneer’.

PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright-Roger Bultot

PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright-Roger Bultot

We Are On Our Own

Reports are coming in that the unidentified vine that has engulfed much of the south of the country is using major transportation links to further its advance. These pictures show abandoned vehicles on the outskirts of Manchester being overwhelmed.

A government spokesman says there appears to be no way of stopping the invasion. Reconnaissance flights over Europe show the weed has engulfed the whole continent and all signs of human life have been eradicated.

Non-European countries have closed their borders and cancelled all overseas flights. Assistance from our friends abroad is no longer an option. We are on our own.


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What’s He Talking About?

What’s He Talking About?

‘It runs down your face and drips off your nose. It gets inside your shoes and makes a squelchy sound.’

Nobody knew what the new boy was talking about.

Dad says these immigrants from Earth have strange ways. They’re not like us.


The question to try and answer in a 42 word story this week is – ‘Have you ever seen the rain?’


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After You Dear

This week’s word prompt at Five Sentence Fiction is – ‘Maps’

zombies-zombie-latest-wallpaper-free-nice-hd-wallpaper-free-zombie-hdwallpaper-zombies-latest-nice-hdAfter You Dear

According to the map this area was populated by the latest batch of laboratory generated Zombies. If Professor Clarke from the Institute was correct they would simply ignore us. To be on the safe side I sent my wife Marjory and the girls on ahead. If there were to be any mishaps, best it was them and not me. My continued survival was paramount to the wellbeing of mankind.


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Dear Mr. Hyde

A great photo for this week’s prompt from Rochelle at Friday Fictioneers.


PHOTO PROMPT -Copyright – Jan Wayne Fields


Dear Mr. Hyde,

It is with some trepidation that I write this letter. In the time we have known each other I have come to fear your quick temper, hence my not delivering this correspondence to you in person.

I realise what a fool I have been. Your friendship has ruined me. It is with great pain I recall the hideous creature within me, you brought to the surface.

I have taken myself away from London, to a place where you will never find me. With God’s help, I aim to regain some of my self-respect.


Dr. Henry Jekyll


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Flying Monkeys

Flying Monkeys

Just meant to be a silly dare. Sneak into the monkey enclosure, bring back a tyre as a souvenir.

Apparently, when it struck Billy, it was flying at some speed. He was dead before he hit the floor.

The monkey survived, unscathed.



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‘I Must Have One’ – A 150 word Story For VisDare

A great photo prompt from Angela at VisDare.

I Must have One

“It’s absolutely wonderful Marjory and so useful. Who’d have thought of using it to pollinate the flowers. You are so clever. I must have one! Where did you get it?”

“I got it from that nice man on the High Street, you know, the one who deals in novelty items from other planets. Apparently this one is called a human. Quite rare and dreadfully expensive.”

“Does it come with that nose thing Marjory, or was that an extra?”

“It’s an attachment that comes with them my dear. The man in the shop said it was best not to take it off, apparently these creatures have such hideous faces. He told me they’ve only got two eyes. Can you believe that, only two eyes!”

“Nevertheless I still want one. I shall go straight from here to his shop and see if he’s any in stock. Do they come in different colours?”


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All Tied Up – Five Sentence Fiction

This week’s word prompt at Five Sentence Fiction is – ‘Secure’

All Tied Up

“Are you sure those ropes are nice and tight Billy?”

“Don’t worry boss, he ain’t getting out of this chair in a hurry.”

“Just as well, because if he did we’d be dead. Now put your mask on. When he wakes up we don’t want him seeing who’s doing this to him.”


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